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If it Dries You Out, Toss it Out!

Now that the Fall weather is here, many of us are likely finding our skin a little more on the thirsty side. When it comes to finding the right product to moisturize your skin there is AT LEAST one ingredient that should raise an eyebrow if seen on the label and that’s alcohol. When products promise moisturizing results while containing some type of alcohol it should prompt quick research to understand the effects. In general, simple and aromatic alcohols (as opposed to fatty alcohols) dissolves surface oils but dries skin out because it evaporates quickly. When skin is dried out by alcohol, the protective barrier of the skin is weakened, making the skin vulnerable and increasing the likelihood of irritation. To skip all of that and move right to hydration for your skin, add MOLO Body & Hair Oil  to your skin routine!  It hydrates, nourishes, and protects against dry skin WITHOUT BEING GREASY! For optimum results, apply MOLO Body Oil to damp skin after showering and seal it in with MOLO Shea Butter (unrefined or whipped). This combination is the answer to thirsty skin and can also be applied to your hair, scalp, cuticles, bath and more.

Safe for all skin types & the whole family!