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All-Natural Shower Time Set
All-Natural Shower Time Set

All-Natural Shower Time Set

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Manage dry, flaky, or oily skin with the proper skin-care products and routine such as this Exfoliation + Moisturization combo that removes dead cells, nourishes the skin, and leaves you silky soft.

This set is inclusive of the Ghanaian Detox Black Soap Bar + MOLO Body Glo 8oz + MOLO Body Oil 8oz + MOLO (UnrefinedShea Butter 4oz + Exfoliating Mitts 


  1. Begin with wet skin in the shower  - - warm water is ideal to soften the skin
  2. Wet and lather Exfoliating Mitts Ghanaian Detox Black Soap Bar
  3. Apply the MOLO Body Glo in a circular motion with the lathered mitts
  4. Rinse and repeat as needed, especially on rough patches
  5. Pat dry and massage MOLO Body Oil into damp skin, then for optimum hydration seal skin with MOLO (UnrefinedShea Butter or MOLO (WhippedShea Butter 
100% Natural.No Parabens.No Preservatives.

Customer Reviews

Based on 9 reviews
Top notch quality and service

Firstly, the quality of products are amazing and there is an instant result in the effectiveness of these product. Secondly, delivery was quick and instant and I love the quality customer relation given by this business. I instantly reordered more products and have been using these products since I first purchased. Wonderful products and business- would recommend to any and everyone🔥🔥🙌🏾

A Great Value

It's all the products I was gonna buy anyway but removes the guesswork. Very generous sizes of the product as well, especially the oil and whipped shea butter! I already noticed a difference in skin dryness after one week! The unrefined back soap is an adjustment (gets the tub a litter dirtier than what I am used to with Nubian Black Soap) but it does well on acne. And that oil truly works miracles!

Great product hands down

So far I only used the products for about two weeks and I can already see the results much appreciated


I started using the Ghanaian Detox soap like a month ago and at the time I was just sampling and HONEYYYYYYYYY I fell in love both my husband and I use it and my skin i clearing up from acne scars and his dry is cured 😂😂MOLO HAS DEFINITELY GAINED TWO FOREVAAAAAAA(in Cardi B vc) clients!! 😍🥰

Game changer for the skin

My skin has always been dry and hard to find something that doesn’t absorb so quick. I usually reapply lotion multiples times a day. I’ve tried everything. This is the first time in YEARS I’ve found something that actually work!! I’m a customer for life!